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   Reasons for Grooming  

  • Reduces Skin Complaint
  • Aids Health Checking
  • Prevents Coat From Matting
  • Keeps Coat In Good Condition
  • Healthy Coat
  • Reduces Odours

I use all natural products on each dog to prevent any reactions to shampoo... I ensure I have a shampoo for every coat type and skin (ie: greasy coat; itchy skin; conditioning treatments)... I use a very mild spa-treatment on all the dogs faces (dogs deserve to be pampered too!)

I will be using the very latest technology Hydrobath which conditions your pets skin as well as washing it, so your pet really does get a well-deserved pampering at Furry & Beautiful (FAB Groomers).

Once fully dried and styled your pampered pooch will be finished off with a lovely spray of cologne!

So, what are you waiting for? Give me a call or send me an email and we can get your Furry Family booked in for a well-deserved pamper day!!!